Friday, December 27, 2013

Paintchip Christmas Tags

I apologize for the belated Christmas post. I was laid up with the stomach flu for the last few days and was unable to post this in time. I think this Christmas season came way too quick due to Thanksgiving coming so late in November this year. I'm not complaining, just an observation as I'm usually more prepared for Christmas. This year and maybe it was because I was carrying the stomach flu bug a few days before Christmas, I was struggling with exhaustion and just not feeling like myself. My kids woke up early Christmas morning, 6 am early, and we were up watching them open presents from Santa. All was good for a while, I even ate a delicious Tortilla, Chorizo and Egg Bake I prepared the night before for breakfast...and then it hit me! And that's the moment I regretted eating breakfast. The rest as they say is history, I was down hard for two days. I'm hoping to actually eat a meal today now that my fever is broken and my body aches have subsided this morning. :) 
With all that behind me and Christmas too, belatedly, I come to you with a cute, easy craft to do with your kids, even if you now have to wait until next Christmas to use them. I used some paper punches on mine but you could use buttons, markers, stickers and ribbons. There are a ton of versions of these on Pinterest, but these are ones I did that are similar to my Paintchip Bookmarks from earlier this year. I made these with the thought that you could use them first as gift tags on presents and then use them as bookmarks or as Christmas ornaments. Happy New Year!

Supplies needed:
green, white, brown and yellow paint chips
white card stock
various paper punches
glue sticks
paper cutter
hole punch

1. Mark the center of paint chip. Cut evenly, aligning the bottom corner of paint chip with the center mark.

2. Cut small trunk using a brown paint chip and glue to the back of the Christmas tree. Glue tree and trunk to a white piece of card stock. Trim card stock.

3. Embellish with paper punches. I used snowflake, star, heart and apple punches with these but you can use what ever you have.

4. Punch top of tree with hole punch and add ribbon.

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