Sunday, June 18, 2017

Squirmy Wormy Shots

Summer vacation is here and that could only mean one thing in my house...Halloween! If you've followed my blog, you will know that summer is when I create and blog all my Halloween food ideas, decorating ideas and props. After Fourth of July, 'RETAIL FALL' begins. Oh happy Day! I'm able to shop for Halloween items! It's the most wonderful time of the year, if you ask me! So lets get the summer started with a Halloween drink recipe.
These jello worms are all over Pinterest as a fun Halloween food for kids. Super Squirmy, Wormy, Icky, and FUN! Perfect for Halloween. I decided to make a grown up version by making these festive Jello Shots. I made them with Peach Vodka but you can make them with your favorite spirit and your favorite flavor of jello. I added coconut milk with green food coloring to create a deep red with a milky appearance. I had some separation of the cream when the jello set but I think it adds a really cool effect with the bright red or mottled ends. The flavor and color possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Squirmy Wormy Shots

2 box sugar-free Cherry Jello
2 packets gelatin, unflavored
2 cups hot water
1 1/2 cups peach vodka(I used Ciroc)
1/2 cup coconut milk 
1/4 tsp green gel food coloring
1 box of bendable straws, rubber bands

Bring water to a boil and add jello. Stir jello until dissolved. Let cool a bit. While the jello cools, add green food coloring to coconut milk and stir until combined. Add green coconut milk to dissolved jello. Add vodka and set aside. 
Prepare straws by stretching out the bendable sections of each straw. Bunch straws with rubber bands. Put banded straws into a tall, narrow container with the bendy part down. Carefully pour the warm jello mixture into the straws. The mixture will fill up the container surrounding the straws. Fill to the top, cover with plastic wrap and then refrigerate overnight. 
Gently squeeze the container to loosen the jello from the sides. 
Peel away the extra jello. Then...Stop...Look around, make sure no one is watching, Check the time...if after 5pm, proceed to eat some of the extra jello.

There's always room for jello, right? After a few nibbles, all will be right in your world and you will be ready to host your party. Just kidding, there's still work to do to get those worms out of the straws... Working one by one, squeeze the straws to extrude the jello worms. I put them in plastic skull shot glasses I got from "The 99" but you can throw them in a bowl if you prefer. Just make sure they are away from the kiddos. These are for adults only!
Happy Halloween!

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