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'Let Nature Run Its Corpse' Cakes

Halloween Cupcakes

After missing all of last year's "Summer of Halloween" because of a health issue, I'm starting extra early this year on my Halloween recipes and decorating ideas.  I realize it's only March, but some of my Halloween ideas have been inspired by other holidays. For instance, my Haunted Hamlet was inspired by Mini Christmas Villages, my Halloween Topiaries were created by transforming Christmas Angels, and My Bloody Valentine Cake inspired by... of course Valentine's day.  These festive cupcakes that I like to call, Let Nature Run Its Corpse Cakes were inspired by all the mossy Spring/Easter pins all over Pinterest right now. Seeing all the bunnies and eggs cushioned in baskets of moss, I took it another direction all together...instead I went with aged skull and crossbones put to rest in shallow mossy graves. ☠ I think they're absolutely perfect for Halloween, don't you? 
Halloween cupcakes

The faux moss looks so realistic that it's hard to believe that these cupcakes are edible. Creating the faux moss-look was super simple. I added a few drops of moss colored food coloring to ready made sugar cookie dough and baked as usual. Crumble half of the cookies and sprinkle the underside of the whole cookies with the cookie crumbs to give you faux moss covered cookies. I topped them with aged white chocolate skulls and crossbones that I made with mini molds purchased from Etsy. I've included the links below.  

These little gems are the perfect recipe to kick off my Organic Halloween theme this year. All my Halloween food and decorating ideas will center around all things green, black with natural organic elements like moss and ferns, twigs and wood. It's going to be so much fun...Stay tuned for more Halloween ideas coming all spring and summer long. 

Let Nature Run Its Corpse Cakes 

Makes 24 cupcakes

Make ahead:
Chocolate Skull and Bones
1 package melting white chocolate 
1/2 t. cocoa powder 
1 T vodka
Mini Skull mold by StaceyDecor 
Mini Bone mold by Moldcreationsnmore 

Melt chocolate according to package directions and transfer into a piping bag or a plastic ziplock bag with the corner cut off.  Pipe melted chocolate into molds and tap the bottom of the molds on counter to settle chocolate and remove air bubbles and empty space.  Place filled molds in the refrigerator and let set for 15 minutes or longer as needed. Remove skull and bones from the molds and set aside. Don't worry if the small crossbones break, they can still be used with the skulls. Repeat until you have 24 skulls and 48 bones.
Aging bonesIn a small bowl, add 1 tsp. cocoa and 1T vodka and mix until combined. Use a paint brush to paint the chocolate skulls and bones with the cocoa vodka mixture to age the bones. The vodka will evaporate and leave the cocoa behind creating an aged look of the bones. Set aside until ready to use. 

Mossy Cupcakes 
1 box chocolate cake mix
1 can prepared vanilla frosting
1 tube prepared sugar cookie dough, room temperature
moss green gel food coloring
black cupcake liners

Cupcakes: Prepare cupcakes according to package directions. Cool completely.
Frosting: Combine ~1/4 tsp. of moss green gel food coloring to vanilla frosting and mix well. Set aside.
Cookies: Place prepared cookie dough in a medium bowl and add about 1/2 tsp. moss green gel food coloring and mix until well combined. 

Scoop about 1 tsp of cookie dough onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. Use a fork or a butter knife to press dough flat into irregular shapes. 

Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Cookies will have slightly brown bottom which is what you want to add depth of color to your mossy cookies.  Cool cookies and set aside 30 small cookies to top your cupcakes with. Crumble the remaining cookies or the larger cookies into a medium bowl and set aside. This will be used to top your cupcake frosting and to add mossy texture to the sugar cookie topper. 

Assemble: Frost cupcakes and dip frosting side down into crumbled cookies to create the mossy top of the cupcake. Next, lightly frost the bottom side of a sugar cookie. Now place a small dollop of frosting on the other side of the cookie to act as a glue to hold the cookie to the top of the cupcake. Now sprinkle crumbs over the slightly frosted cookie bottom to complete the mossy look. 

Garnish: Top with skull and crossbones secure with a small dab of frosting. 

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